Our Staff


Pastor Ralph Huddleston

Office Hours Monday thru Friday 9am - 3pm
                    (707) 468-9251

Email    Facebook   rhudd18@gmail.com


Marlene Huddleston-Secretary

Office Hours Monday & Wednesday

9am- 3 pm (707) 468-9251

Email    myallforhim14@gmail.com


Sandy Johnson-Secretary

Office Hours Tuesdays 9am - 3pm
                    (707) 468-9251

Email  newlifeukiah@att.net


Gretchen Hargreaves- Secretary

Office Hours Thursdays 9am - 3pm
                    (707) 468-9251


Luayne Wright-Director of Children's Ministries

Office Hours Monday  9am - 3pm
                    (707) 468-9251

Email  nlcckids750@gmail.com


Executive Board

Rick Sagan- Chairman
Randy Dietze / Sue Thornhill / David Ryan
 / Sandy Akerstrom / Kirk Hargreaves / John Lattimore / Larry Michell / Dale Greenlee


The Executive Board and the Church Staff are here to serve you.  If we can help you in your spiritual growth, in developing areas of ministry, or in any other way, please let us know.  We are here to serve you and equip you to serve others.